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A real buzz in Boone

The usually dormant local paper blog briefly came alive this week with a photo of a truly odd sight in Boone – a plane flying in circles with a huge advertisement trailing behind it. (Think Myrtle Beach).

This thing is really annoying

Word is there’s an App-Michi-WHO? story behind it. At the game, several Wolverine fans were seen wearing t-shirts on which was written (probably in lincoln-log-thick crayon) “Beating Appalachian State is so easy, even a caveman can do it.” (Talk about your long walks home)

This has led to the theory that GEICO thought it had a marketing miracle on its hands, so it decided to buzz Boone in a way not involving hallucinogens. Bad move. Give us 15 minutes and a loaded bazooka, and someone’s gonna need surface-to-air insurance.

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