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Call it the Appalachian rule

Apps make it happenHow big was Appalachian State’s win over Michigan Saturday? Big enough to force the slow-as-Wolverine-secondary NCAA governing board to alter the very foundations of college football’s power base. Starting next week, all Division I schools – One A, Two A, Triple A, whatever – can get votes in the AP Poll:

The AP decided to make the change because schools that show they can compete with big-time teams on the field should have a chance to be recognized with them in the top 25, Sports Editor Terry Taylor said.

“Why not? The poll was always intended to measure teams that compete against each other, regardless of division, based solely on on-field performance,” she said. “It was that way long before Division I was divided into I-A and I-AA in 1978.”

One poll voter, Adam Van Brimmer, said he wanted to put Appalachian State at No. 25 after their win over the Wolverines, largely as a symbolic gesture. He might still do it next week, assuming the Mountaineers beat Division II Lenoir-Rhyne.

Now THAT’S App power!

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