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It’s an AppFan liveblog – Apps at Wofford (woof, woof)

get livebloggy with itKBS is closed this Saturday, but not the AppFan blog! Game on, App State!!

– And the SportsSouth crew goes through the starting lineup. Nice shoutout to center Scott Suttle, who had a streak of 38 games started until he missed Michigan. (Of all the games to miss!). The Observer had a story on him today.

– Three minutes into the game, and both Michigan and the SI cover have been mentioned. Nice.

– Edwards goes deep, deep, high and deep, and — INTERCEPTION. That really was an ugly pass. Double coverage. Says the announcers, “Edwards does not look good.” No, he doesn’t .. for now. Takes a while to wipe off rust.

– Third and short, and WOF stopped. They go for it .. and it goes up the middle for the first. That’s four straight run plays with gains. Ugh.

– Second and eight for Wofford. And the QB pitches, only for the pitchee to meet five Mountaineers. Lynch gets the credit in a true Lynch mob.

– “ASU ignoring the possibility of the pass.” Uh, this is Wofford. Of course they would.

– First WOF punt of the day. Downed at the four. Let see how much rust remains. Commercial break. I need a beverage.

– Back to action, Edwards hands off to KR. Not much. Try it again. Not much again.

– 3rd and 5. Edwards keeps it and … well … he doesn’t go far either. Tripped, not hit, but still down.

– And they measure. Short by half a football. So bring out Neil Young. That makes two possessions, no real offense, an INT and a punt. Looks like it’s gonna be a long first quarter.

– After three plays, WOF still two yards short of a first down.

– Heh, Wofford has a player named Vick. Think he gets a lot of “how ironic you play for Terriers” jokes?

– And WOF goes for the rare pas and -ooo – Banks knocks it down! Easily. I’ve seen stronger passes in the WNBA. Like I said, it’s Wofford. Why play for the pass?

– Punt dies at the 9-yard line. Apps just ain’t getting good field position.

– And we have an App State …. flag??? Holding on Josh Johnson. Go back five yards. Not good.

– Edwards fakes to KR and .. well .. goes no where. Again. WOF can’t pass, but they can defend.

– Another hit on Edwards. Back a yard. 3rd and 13.

– Pass! Edwards hits Dexter, but not enough for the first down. Do we even have a first down yet?

– Punt! Fumble! And! And! Wofford retains. Duel possession goes to offense. Good play though, Cortez.

– Holy Shout My Mouth! WOF goes airborne and BAM! TD. Forty-nine yards. Welll ….. maybe they can pass.

– Andy Strickland outran Justin Woazeah for that pass. Nicely thrown, actually.

– So the Apps are in a hole, again. Down to Michigan, NAU, now down to Wofford. No pressure.

– Three drives, 27 yards for App.

– A near INT. A near sack. No yards. So maybe there is a little pressure.

– Punt. WOF takes over at its own 28.

– This just in, SpSouth says there’s a “championship tradition” at Wofford. Fails to note which sport. They must have a heck of a swim team.

– WOF’s outgained App 88 yards to 7. S .. e … v … e … n.

– Just over a minute to go in the first, the SpSouth play-by-play guy utters the words “upset in the making.” I’m starting to have less than friendly feelings toward that guy. Bad enough the color man is a former Furman QB. I forget his name. (Imagine that, a forgettable Paladin).

– And the first 15 ends with an App State SACK! Nice period there, boys.

– So the first quarter has been pretty ugly for the Black and Gold. I’m talking Larry King in a thing ugly. The offense has none. The defense is beginning to be tossed around. WOF looks confident. Gotta wonder if Elder is warming up.

– Second 15 opens with a punt. It drops again behind the 10 yard line. Kicking game is killing us.

– Michigan highlights, bay. My endorphins thank you.

– And we finally have a Mountaineer .. FIRST DOWN! AE to KR. 12 yards. First first down of the day.

– Edwards to the air again! “Somebody woke up App State!” Edwards again, this time to CoCo! Nineteen yards! The car is warming up!

– Edwards now 7 of 11. Dodges one tackler, dodges another, dropped finally for no gain. But that was a nice looking no gain.

– Edwards to Dexter!!!! It’s in the air!!! And juuuuussst a bit outside. The Apps have to punt, but AE is looking good! Rust about all gone!

– Injury on the field. Gary Tharrington slow to get up, but he jogs off the field.

– 3rd and 2 from the 28. And Wofford gets another first down. Their running game is unrelenting. But there’s a flag. Chopping penalty on the offense. Wofford must go back 15 spaces. About time we got a break.

– 3rd and 10 from the 20. WOF goes for a TO. Bunch of good it does, as Apps kill a broken play. Now WOF to punt.

– The kicker fumbles the ball a bit. It only goes 18 yards. Apps start at the 44. Another break. Everything’s starting to come up Milhouse.

– 10:16 in the second, KR is App’s leading rusher with 3 yards on 3 carries.

– Make that AE is App’s leading rusher, after he goes for 14 on a broken play. Everyone is going for his ankles and he just dances through ’em.

– 2nd and five, AE to Dexter Jackson for another Mountaineer … FIRST DOWN!

– SpSouth notes Apps are 11 for 11 in scoring from the red zone this season. Can you say “jinx”? (I hope not)

– Thid down. AE hit KR over the middle, but short of another 10. Apps going for it.


– Actually, it was more of a dizzy, stumbling waltz, but it still counts as six! And No. 91 splits the posts for a 7-7 game.

– Watching the replay, I’m not so sure Edwards legs are excreting KY. Dogs are just sliding off him left and right. No one’s actually hitting him or going for the waist. They’re all diving for his legs, and sliding off.

– In other SoCon news, Elon is killing Liberty, 35-7. Didn’t see that coming.

– WOF faces another third down and, of course, QB Josh Collier runs for it. And gets it, but not without getting a Woazeah to the gut.

– WOF is still cranking out the yards on offense. Nothing real flashy. No real big gains. Just inch by yard, they keep moving down the field. Imagine a burnt black bulldozer moving uphill over a broken road of Charlie Weiss. That’s the WOF offense.

– And the bulldozer finds six. Ben Widmyer would not be denied. 14-7. I feel like I’m watching Michigan-App State replayed, only in mud. Thick mud. And in someone’s backyard. (Wofford is teeny)

– And the punt to CoCo who runs .. and runs .. and RUNS … AND RUNS!!!!!!!! TO THE ENDZONE!!! 95 YARDS!! COCO TO THE HOUSE! 14-14!

– For those physicists out there, one CoCo Hillary has the speed of two WOF safeties.

– And WOF tries to pull a CoCO and WHAM! Dropped by his own man. Josh Jackson made sure he was down.

– You’d think they just run the clock out, but Moore is playing for one more possession. Apps call TO.

– WOF punts. Apps get ball at the 43 with 28.9 left before the half. One time out left.

– AE had a ncie run out of bounds, then connects with Dexter to get within FG range, if 51 yards is considered FG range. Rauch on to go for 3.

– And he shanks it left. 14-14. Half.


– 191-152 – That’s the yardage gained by WOF and App in the first half. Amazing second quarter for App, huh?

– I just noticed WOF is ranked No. 12 in the country. Odd. Am I the only one that really A. didn’t know that and, B. when I did notice it, not think much of it. I guess that Michigan win really has changes perception.

– Ayers on camera, hates that CoCo scores. If they play consistent, they “have a chance.” We have to “out-execute them.” Bold words from a bold man.

– And WOF’s first possession of the half dies when a Terrier trips. What was that about execution?

– Apsp come out running. Edwards gets knocked down, lands on his shoulder. He walks off. In comes Victory Elder.

– Victory hits Dexter in stride for a first down. Nice route. No word on AE.

– The replay of the Edwards hit shows him falling full force on his shoulder. He popped up and went straight to the sideline. Still no word.

– Trey goes McNabb, comes close to first. Next gives to KR – easy first down.

– Victory goes deep for Dexter. What a dive. JUST missed it. He looked liked Spiderman taking off but then forgetting he couldn’t fly.

– 3rd and 4. Victory guns it, but it’s knocked down at the line. The Leg, No. 91, comes in. from 40, it’s good. Apps finally with a lead, 17-14.

– Alluding to an earlier comment, I guess Elder has been warming up. For a guy coming off the bench cold, he led a nice series. It took AE a quarter and then some to hit scoreboard. Victory needed just a few plays. Rust versus cold, cold wins.

– The App defense finds its groove. Forces WOF to an early punt deep in its territory. Nice we’re cooking.

– No we’re not. Dexter calls fair catch, then gets smacked in the facemask by the ball. Fumble. WOF possession. Uh-oh.

– And Jackson is on the sideline with cramps. Uh-oh-oh.

– And on the first play, WOF almost breaks endzone. My tummy’s starting to hurt.

– Close. WOF calls a nice option. Lynch gets a leg before WOF gets six. 3rd and goal with trainers on the field. Tharrington again limps off field.

– And Romero breaks two near tackles to find endzone. TWO! This bulldozer may slow, but it will not stop.

– WOF looks ready to break 200 yards rushing against APP. Only one team burned App for that many last year (NC State), but this year only Lenior-Rhyne failed to do so.

– Victory back behind center for App State. No word on AE.

– Elder back to pass. Let’s it fly. And WOF’s Alderman jumps and plucks it from the sky. First career INT.

– SpSouth – “Wofford in process of stunning the No. 1 team in the nation.” Dude, they have a four-point lead with a quarter and change to play. Chill with the dramatics.

– WOF has ball at the 10 yard line. After 2 yard loss, 2nd and 12. Then a flag, back 5. 2nd and 17. Big gain, but Lynch stops that noise at the five. 3rd down. Can the App D hold??

– Can they???


– No. Romero finds endzone, barely. He must have crosses one blade of grass on a nice reverse. (Well, it was nice). WOF up 28-17, 3:10 in third.

– Two App TOS. Two WOF TDs. Ayers has to be happy. They are out-executing us.

– And Victory goes McNaa, going for 25 yards. I’m really feeling some Elder right now.

– Now if only Elder would feel for a shotgun. He fumbles a snap, but Apps keep it. (Whew!)

– And App pulls a WOF. Victory pitches to KR for another Mountaineer …. FIRST DOWN!

– App goes for another WOF, but to the right. KR fumbles it. NOOO!!!

– KR keeps it. (Whew Two)

– Victory to Hans Batichon! Wide open. First and goal at the four! Then KR runs to the 1!

– Last play of quarter. Victory to KR! Stopped. And the third ends, Apps with third down coming up.

– Final 15 starts. Like a hot knife through ice cream, KR into endzone. 28-24. WOF.

– KR finally has a rushing TD. And it comes on a one-yard run.

– Two WOF plays. Two big runs. Either the Apps are tuckered out, or the Terriers have us figured out.

– Another big run, as the entire App dline bites on a fake. 1st and 10 24 yards from six.

– No fake out that time. WOF stopped dead. D still has life. But not much. WOF gets close first down on next play.

– And WOF goes to its bag of tricks. Romero the RB becomes a QB and connects for TD. Jeremy Marshall wide open in the endzone. WOF back up by 11.

– My tummy just inverted itself. I’m now being digested from the inside out. WHO KNEW THEY COULD PASS!!!???!!!

– WOF kicks off. CoCo just watches it drop. Picks it up, gains a few. Kinda seemed halfhearted, or is it just me?

– Flag, against WOF. KO Redux. Hennessee catches and returns. Out comes the Victory offense.

– After a nice KR gain, Victory takes the snap, puts his head down, runs and hits his own blocker. No real gain.

– AND VICTORY HITS A WIDE OPEN BATICHON! He’s at the 30, the 25, the 20. Down near the 18. That. Was. Nice. Hans the man.

– Two runs, Apps inside the 5. 8:55 left in the game. 3rd and 1. KR gets another Mountaineer ……

– AND KR DIVES INTO SIX!!!! He almost fell short, but popped up and dived for the score. Apps kick. 35-31.

– And now the wife has dinner ready. I get the look. She is unaware I lost my tummy 45 minutes ago. But. Can’t. Fight. The. Look.

– SpSouth cuts to Nic Cardwell on the sideline going Shawn Elliott on his teammates. Come on, Apps!

– 3rd and 7. WOF looks to be in the midst of a severe panic attack. Play clock almost out when they call TO. Is the pressure getting to them?


– Geez. Live by the run, but burn by the throw. First down WOF. They really do have a sweet offense, curse it.

– WOF 8 of 16 on 3rd downs, curse it.

– WOF burns another TO as play clock again runs down. Not smart to burn time if you also burn TOs. There still 4:59 to play, dogs.

– WOF ANOTHER big run, first down, curse it.

– ANOTHER deep pass, caught, curse it.

– ANOTHER deep pass, caught, curse it. (this is not a typo)

– Time getting short. 2:31. WOF 1st and 10 at about the 13.



– Victory takes snap. Run through middle. Slight gain.

– Victory to Hans for 18 yards. First down. Then Jackson to 36. Clock at 1:24.

– AUGGGHHH!! Near INT, as two Terriers had a chance at a Victory pass.

– Elder near sacked, but throws it away. Flag. Curses.

– Huh, no flag?? PRAISES!

– 1:05 on clock.

– Victory to CoCo in the backfield, but CoCo is a no-go. Hit for a loss. Apps call TO. Loses ball on downs. Geez.

– I’m not normally a praying man, but if you’re up there, help me Jason Hunter!!!

– You don’t want to say it’s over (go for 2!) .. but … but … but …. geez

– 3rd and 8, and WOF gets six more. 42-31. 17 games streak over. WOF wins.

– And with that, I’m off to assault a rock with my head, curse it.


  1. Opie

    September 22, 2007 at 1:13 pm

    Cool blog. Thanks for linking to mine.
    It will be a good game in Boone this year. You guys are struggling with pesky Wofford right now.

  2. Joan

    September 22, 2007 at 2:52 pm

    I'm sad 🙁 I was worried about this game all week and people did not take my concerns seriously. The winning can't go on forever. I hope the bandwagon fans won't be too harsh.

  3. Marie

    September 22, 2007 at 4:48 pm

    psssstttt…that is the air being let out of my balloon….

  4. Chad Wit Twinz

    September 22, 2007 at 5:53 pm


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