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When all hope is gone … sad scores say so much

They really ran away with itWofford’s Kevious Johnson (20) runs past the outstretched hands of Appalachian State defender Corey Lynch (47) during the first half of a football game in Spartanburg, S.C. on Saturday, Sept. 22, 2007. (AP Photo/John Byrum)

*Sigh* Sooooo …. *cough* …. how was you day? /looks down and kicks the dirt, hands behind back

Uncomfortable silence

Uh … did you see Michigan won today??

Ooooooo … dumb, dumb, dumb! Wrong thing to say!!! Recover quickly! Be smooth, be smooth … Uhhhh)

Do you think Michael Vick ever offed any terriers??

Nervous giggle. Some smiles break out. Keep it going .. keep it going …uhhhhh … uhhhh

Probably not cause, you know, offing big ugly pit bulls is one thing, taking out a terrier is tougher cause they’re cuter and weaker and who couldn’t knock off a … uhhhh … terrier ….?

OHHHHH! Another fumble! You lost them! Game over man, game over. Go to bed.

Depressing game photos here. Poisonous box score here. Weepy read here. Double *SIGH*

The Michigan win is history. That was clear Saturday to anyone watching the Appalachian State Mountaineers walk slowly and dejectedly out of Gibbs Stadium after their first defeat in more than a year.

Appalachian State, three weeks removed from winning at Michigan, had its 17-game winning streak snapped in a 42-31 loss to Southern Conference rival Wofford.

“We’ve celebrated long enough,” Appalachian State coach Jerry Moore said. “It’s time to gird it up and see what we’ve got.”

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