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Who will weep for the 'Whee

While App State looks to a HUGE game tomorrow with mighty, mighty Davidson, our friends down in the ‘Whee have an even bigger game Thursday with Wofford.

And by big I mean, “oh the humanity” big.

The next loss for the Catamounts (9-18 this season) will be their 1,200th, according to the team’s media guide. Along the way, they’ve won 1,060 games and have an overall winning percentage of 46.9.

During the last 25 years, the Catamounts have compiled just three winning seasons.

If the ‘Whee wizz by Wofford, who will wonderfully wait? App State!

Be loud. Be proud. Pity purple.

Coincidently, while I keed our purple pals, I should note that the Apps are also on the brink of dreaded “Multiple of 5” history. You see, those QC cats have the chance tomorrow to hand App State loss No. 900(!). According to the media guide, App State boasts an all-time record of 996-899 since 1934. Which means we just may see loss No. 900 and win No. 1000 in the same season. But that will only happen if .. if .. dare I say it ….we go … go .. GO! ….

Nahhh …. better not. Dare not jinx the dream.

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  1. Chad Wit Twinz

    February 26, 2008 at 4:21 pm

    go…go…GO! A "Backyardigans" influence no doubt! A man that knows his Noggin!

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