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Into the 'Cats den we go

They play in their Belk, we read books in oursApp State at mighty, mighty Davidson tonight at 7 p.m. in a game SO BIG, the local Charlotte Observer gives it a whole three – THREE! – sentences. Thank goodness for real newspapers. The game is on SportsSouth.

Five questions. Five answers.

On a scale of 1-10, just how bad does App State want to beat Davidson?
Oh, about a 15. The D-Cats are the Romulans to our Federation. The rabid mutants to our Will Smith. The Joel Schumacher to our Tim Burton! You get the drift. This season Coach McKilljoy’s bunch is perfect in league play, winner of 17 straight and knock, knock, knocking on AP’s door. How sweet it would be to slam it shut.

Could that possibly happen tonight, App State marring that perfect streak?
Well, anything’s possible, but is it likely? The Apps are losers of three of the past four games, and have shown more personalities than Clinton Portis. If they’re not falling behind early, they’re throwing the ball away. If they’re not nailing it from the outside, they’re forgetting to throw it inside. When all the parts click, App State is a con-TEN-dah! Otherwise ….. depression sets in.

Will this be a replay of the earlier game in Boone?
By the power of Ebong I hope not! It was obvious back in Game Six of 2007 that no one in Boone had ever heard of Stephon Curry. He was open more than Wal-Mart, scoring 38 points on 27 shots. He’s since blossomed into THE player in the SoCon. You have to think someone will be on him tonight. Also way back when, Donald Sims was just a twinkle in a box score’s eye. He’s been valleying lately, but is due a peak.

Other than bragging rights, what else is on the line?
First off, first place. App State and UTC are knotted at 12-6 with two games left. We have the D- and Whee-Cats, while the Mocs get SPA-tons! and Burning Birds on the road. Second, a win would dispel some that stink of NCAA inevitability that surrounds the Belk bunch and open up the league tourney just a bit. And third, it’d be nice to snap Davidson’s leash. They own us, winning six of the last seven meetings. App State’s last win in the series? At their place last year. Davidson has won 28 straight SoCon games since. (*Slams head in wall. Cusses*)

How big would an App State win be?
If Fancher’s Forces upend McKilljoy’s Minions, it will be THE biggest win of the season. Bigger than Arkansas! Bigger than …. uh … what’s the next biggest win again? Lipscomb? UVA-Wise? Furman? Who knows. But beating the class of the SoCon at their school would be just the morale booster a meandering team needs.

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  1. Seth

    February 27, 2008 at 9:12 am

    Agreed. Most important game of the season. I was at the Davidson game last year, great feeling to beat them there. Saw this game was tape delayed broadcast @ 11 p.m. on SportSouth, but wasn't sure if the game was going to be broadcast live. Anyone heard if it is?

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