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And with the 117th pick in the sixth round …

Geez .. not the Bungles
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The Cincinnati Bangels take Superman.

The Bengals selected one of college football’s bigger heroes during 2007 in the sixth round when they took Appalachian State free safety and special-teams ace Corey Lynch.

The 6-foot, 204-pound Lynch, married to the granddaughter of the Rev. Billy Graham, preserved the seminal upset over Michigan with one of his three blocked kicks of the season. Lynch, the club’s leading tackler last year, had 24 career interceptions.

“I’ll be the best special teams player on the field,” Lynch said when asked how he’ll contribute if he doesn’t play safety. “The difference in me than most guys is I enjoy playing special teams. It’s one of my passions because one yard, especially in the NFL, is a big difference.

“If you can get the returner for one yard before he gets up field, that’s very critical in the NFL. I enjoyed it,” he said.

So the Graham family now mixes with one of the NFL’s most legally troubled franchises. Time to prove the power of prayer.

Also, can’t wait for the possible Lynch-Wilcox grudge match.

UPDATE – Here’s a nice roundup on the cesspool that is the Bengels, and what the team is getting in the next generation of Graham.

Enter Lynch, who besides having 354 tackles and 25 interceptions in his career at Appalachian State, helped start bible study on his team.

He’s also married to evangelist Billy Graham’s granddaughter, Sissy.

“They are trying to turn things around so I was kind of expecting they’d take me,” Lynch said. “Talk is cheap. Live right and everything will be good.”

Lynch already is popular in Ohio.

After his block of a field goal to preserve a 34-32 upset of Michigan, He got e-mails and letters from numerous Ohio State fans. A man that wore an Appalachian State jersey Lynch sent him received a standing ovation when the Cleveland Indians were in the American League playoffs last fall.

In addition, Graham held a service at Paul Brown Stadium.

Lynch said friends and family call Graham “Daddy Bill.”

“He watches all our games and he always asks me how the quarterback is doing, how the running backs are doing,” Lynch told Cincinnati-area media. “He’s definitely into Appalachian football.”

So expect to see his father-in-law Franklin at some games. Finally, God is their co-pilot.


  1. 2stepsback

    May 2, 2008 at 3:35 pm

    Corey Lynch's character has been consistent his entire life. He's a leader and inspiration to all both on and off the field.

    Parents, coaches: Here's a real role model for our kids!

  2. John Holmes

    July 23, 2009 at 4:38 am

    I've been following App State before the Michigan game. But the M-game sealed it. We Buckeye fans believe in what constitutes a great win: Ohio State over anybody and anybody over Michigan! Thank you Corey and App State's great team and tradition. I've visited your mts. three times now and considering retiring there. How do I get tix? 🙂 John

  3. D. A. Icardi

    July 23, 2009 at 6:30 am

    They're going for over $100 a pop now. So to get em', you gotta fork over the dough.

    Good to see a Buckeye on the board. I think we all became OSU fans when we saw the support yall showed us following the UM win.

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