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So add Washington, Pittsburgh to the potential cheer list

No, i ain’t watchingA few notes from the big NFL Draft weekend.

– Two Apps signed free agent contracts – Kerry Brown with the Redskins and Julian Rauch with the Steelers (Black, Black, Black, Black and Gold!).

– This weekend marked the third time in App State history that two Mountaineers were drafted. In 1992, DB Gary Dandridge was selected in the fifth round, and DT Mike Frier was taken in the seventh round. In 1990, OT Derrick Graham went in the fifth round, and DB Keith Collins went in the seventh.

– Dexter Jackson was taken with the 58th overall pick, which makes him the second-highest draft pick in App State history. Dino Hackett was taken with the 35th pick in 1986.

– Comment of the weekend, on the Charlotte Observer blog post reporting the Panthers using their final pick on a D.II guard. “At this point in the draft, if you’re taking an OG, why not take one in your own back yard: Kerry Brown from App State?? Ridiculous.” (Sigh)

– Much has been made of Cincinnati’s pick of Lynch, specifically that’s he’s already a hero in Ohio.

“Yeah, I have a good fan base there,” Corey Lynch said with a chuckle.

He told of the Ohio car dealer who, once he heard what he’d done, promised, “Man, I’ll give him a deal on any car he wants.”

Then there was the guy who knew his college coach: “I think the Indians were in the running for the World Series, and he asked my coach if I could sign his jersey from (Lynch’s college). … So I sent it to him. So he was walking up to the Indians’ stadium, and all the Ohio State fans stood and started clapping for him once they saw the shirt.”

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