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Falling for some hot Bunn lovin'

And the first kiss on ABC’s The Bachelorette goes to ………

Graham “Always Served Hot” Bunn!


Admit it, doesn’t he just make you wanna melt?

which is hotter, him or the fire?

Actually, it makes me want some coffee. Looks like a promo shot for a Folger’s commercial.

So last night the former App State point guard turned “hunky charity-starting drinkslinger” got some solo time with the incredibly desperate hottie DeAnna Pappas. And, well, I’ll let someone else lay it out (I’m starting to feel kinda icky).

Graham’s analogy was perfect as he spent a day at the beach with DeAnna, as the two flew a kite before settling in on the sand for some conversation. Graham said he had just gotten out of a serious relationship that he said was the first time he was ever in love. The comment concerned DeAnna, who said she didn’t want to be “left crying at the end again” and wondered if Graham was really ready to settle down.

The two camped out on the beach and DeAnna expressed her worries to Graham and said while she had “definitely” planned on giving him the rose now she was a “little concerned” because he “wanted to just be in love, it didn’t matter the person.” However Graham put her at ease, and they cuddled and toasted marshmallows together. DeAnna then presented the date’s rose to Graham, meaning he’d be safe at the upcoming Rose Ceremony.

“I was very relieved that I got the rose. I didn’t think it was going to happen,” said Graham. “I’m definitely going in with an open heart. If it works out, then I am a very, very lucky person.”

Tune in next week when DeAnna takes Graham to a pickup game with the Sacramento Kings. Kevin Martin is not amused. Jealous, but not amused.

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