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Celebrating a big anniversa-Whee

Lookie who’s No. 1

3Peat Nation isn’t always slinging salt and vinegar at our SoCon siblings. Occasionally, we play nice. And today is another such day.

So happy anniversary to our friends down in the ‘Whee! It was 15 years ago this preseason that mighty, mighty Western Carolina was picked as the No. 1 team in I-AA, according to Sports Illustrated. Even more remarkable is not so much that Western Carolina is in such a poll, but that App State is not. Go ahead. Look for yourself. And check out who’s No. 14! Who’d have thunk it!

So stay strong, ‘Whee. Your time may come again. You’ve got a new coach. Some new focus. And a whole lot of giddy potential. Now about your spring tryouts …

You must be this tall to run this ball
(Thanks for the photo Michael!)

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  1. Wanda Huffstetler

    May 31, 2008 at 9:10 am

    I am a proud ASU alumnus & 3peat football fanatic. I also teach business education at Bessemer City High School. My pride for ASU football has dominated my classroom door decorations all year & everyone at BCHS knows who I support. One day last week while eating lunch in a collegue's office, a visitor to our school came looking for me–asking for me by name. When I asked him if I knew him (maybe a former student) he walked over & threw a WCU Football Recruiter business card into my lap! He had seen my door decorations & took it upon himself to find me & inform me that the Old Mountain Jug would be going back to the 'Whee and that they were going to make the ASU/WCU games worth staying until the 4th quarter. But he added, "Not until you get rid of that #14!" I just laughed at him. Too funny!!!

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