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A random look at number 35

I sometimes miss the old lookIt’s not one of THE numbers, but App State jersey No. 35 seems to be popular all of a sudden.

First, earlier this week a Dallas Cowboy fan blog asked its readers to vote for the greatest Cowboy player to wear No. 35. Among the nominees –

Jimmy Armstrong, DB, Appalachian State, 1987

Statistics: He started two games as a replacement player.

Armstrong wore No. 25 at App State from 1983-86. He was a hero in Sparky Woods first win as coach, and later was an all-conference DB (1986). He “played” just that one “season” in the NFL. (It was the famous strike year).

I saw that post and thought nothing of it. Then later in the day I went to ebay, and No. 35 popped up again. This time in Black and Gold.

This is a game used Mountaineers football jersey worn by #35 Robinson and it features his name on the back. It is a white fishnet football jersey in excellent condition. It has solid nylon shoulders and sleeves. Black numbers edged in white outlined in gold. Two gold sleeve stripes edged in black. Everything is screened on. Spandex side panels. “ROBINSON” in black on a nameplate on the back. Three color shoulder numbers. By Russell size 40.

The “Buy Now” price is $75, with $10 S&H. Matt Robinson played one season at App State (1990). That was Jerry Moore’s second season as coach, and the team went 6-5.

This may bode well (or not) for this season’s No. 35, Trey Hennessee, who has just happens to have appeared in …. deep breath … 35 career games at App State.

/cues Twilight Zone theme

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  1. D. A. Icardi

    May 30, 2008 at 7:47 am

    Everyone vote for Jimmy Armstrong on that blog.

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