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Newest Eagle comes looking for a good time

Just a few more weeks till kickoff!The upcoming season of SoCon football already promises to showcase an excellent class of quarterbacks – App State’s Armanti Edwards, Elon’s Scott Riddle and The Citadel’s Bart “Bart!” Blanchard. (Seriously, those are three good QBs).

How will SoCon foes compete? The traditional way – by going shopping! Of course!

Georgia Southern and Lil’ Sammy recently announced they’ve signed prospective leaders, and both come from I-A FBS.

Lil’ Sammy landed Matt Malouf of Memphis, while the legacy of Jayson Foster now falls to one Antonio Henton, formerly of Ohio State.

That last name sound familiar? It may. As skilled as Henton may be on the field, he has to pay for action off it.

The latest player to get in trouble with a prostitute is Ohio State freshman quarterback, Antonio Henton. Henton was arrested last night in Columbus for soliciting a prostitute that was really an undercover cop. Henton was in court this morning and plead not guilty. His bail was set at $2,500.

Why Henton is pleading not guilty I have no clue. Dude, you told an undercover cop you’d give her $20 for sex. How the hell are you going to spin that one?

Henton later pleaded guilty to a reduced charge, but eventually did confess to being no better than a third-stringer with the Buckeyes. So he bailed for a better fit. He found it back in his home state. GSU runs the spread (Henton is a dual threat) and employs his old prep coach. Henton should flourish with The Stink.

He just needs to behave and find some lovin’ the more traditional way – on a nationally televised reality show. Of course!

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