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The Newlywed suddenly in style

Don’t touch! Might get burned!Check out Daniel Wilcox! … Seriously, check him out. He knows how to style and be profiled.

The Newlywed recently starred in a fashion fundraiser for his non-profit, Empowerment M.I.N.D.S. There’s all kinds of photos from the day on the internets. Too bad there’s not many details.

Wilcox also found some time to discuss the fitness beneath the fashion with Men’s Exercise magazine. He’s in the December issue.

Alas .. or should that be thankfully? … he is fully clothed, as he reveals just how a tightend stays in Raven shape.

When each season ends, Daniel takes one month off to recover. He then begins an aerobic conditioning program to develop endurance and does push-ups, pull-ups and dips for strength training. As his workouts progress, Daniel climbs the ladder of intensity. He works out at Brick Bodies in Timonium, Md. with trainer Chris Endlich, and by the time training camp arrives, he is in peak shape.

Wilcox hasn’t seen too many snaps the past few games for the Ravens, but their season still lives! They flock to Miami Sunday in a wildcat wildcard matchup.

And as hot as Wilcox suddenly appears to be, his blushing bride is even hotter. Check out number 4.

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