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‘He can be scary good’

greatest first td evah!Tremendous profile today of the man with springs for legs.

Quick, now a sophomore, said he’s still learning, still seeking consistency and still has trouble sometimes deciphering coverages. And, he said, Edwards occasionally fusses at him. “I went up there the first couple of times and just lined up and he said, ‘Read the coverage the next time,'” Quick said after last week’s game at Wofford.

“He said, ‘You’re wide open, one-on-one back there.’ I was like, ‘I didn’t know.’ He got on me. I said, ‘I’m sorry, Armanti.’ He didn’t want to talk.”

“I wanted to show him I know how to play the game,” Quick said. “He gave me the opportunity and the coaches gave me the opportunity to make plays.”

Let the record show, Quick’s third collegiate reception is one for the highlight reels! It went for six. And it came against the Stink. And he simply wanted it more.

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  1. bob

    October 25, 2009 at 9:13 pm

    hes getting better and better.
    in others words…hes gonna be great.

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