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October 4, 2014 - 6 PM (ESPN3)


2014 Football Schedule

2014 Football Schedule

    Aug. 30 - at Michigan, noon ESPN2
    Sept. 6 - Campbell, 6 p.m. ESPN3
    Sept. 13 - OPEN
    Sept. 20 - at Southern Miss, 7 p.m. ASN
    Sept. 25 - at Ga Southern, 7:30 p.m. ESPNU
    Oct. 4 - South Alabama, 6 p.m. (ESPN3)
    Oct. 11 - Liberty, 3:30 p.m.
    Oct. 18 - at Troy, 3 p.m. EST
    Oct. 25 - OPEN
    Nov. 1 - Georgia State
    Nov. 8 - Louisiana-Monroe
    Nov. 15 - at Arkansas State, 3 p.m. EST
    Nov. 22 - at La-LaFayette
    Nov. 29 - Idaho Video Portal

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On board with the Quickness

Anywhere but MiamiThe random, meaningless, guessing continues. From that creepy talking head – “ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr. took a stab at a three-round mock draft. Chicago Bears. 2. App State WR Brian Quick. Quick …… would offer a different skill set than what the Bears have been using in recent years. ” Meanwhile, here’s what a former coach thinks – “That’s why the only other receiver Parcells has on his draft board is Appalachian State’s Brian Quick, whom he has in the fifth round slot.”

29 comments to On board with the Quickness

  • JMcCray

    Great, all Quick needs is to have to deal with Brandon Marshall.


    B.Quick at Solider field. Awesome.

  • ASUGoose

    I wish Parcells could elaborate on why he has Quick as a 5th round grade where every expert has him falling in the 2nd-3rd round. It would be interesting to hear his perspective on Quick….

  • Matt

    I will elaborate…. Quick sucks.

  • Boonedocks

    Goose, i'm not sure that means he thinks he's a fifth round grade.

    I didn't read the article, but from the quote it sounds like they are going to address other needs in earlier rounds, and if he's there will take him.

    It says he's the only other WR they slotted on their board. Just because they may go for other needs doesn't necessarily mean they don't think highly of his talent.

  • Jon

    One draft expert, Steve Wydle I beleive for ESPN insider, in his mock draft has the Panthers with their last pick in the 7th round taking DeAndre Presley…Probably won't pan out that way but how cool would if be to have AE and his former back-up back together again. Of course the Panthers would put DeAndre in at CB.

  • bcoach

    I pray that does not happen. I like DP

  • Psl48

    DP and quick do not need to fall into the media thrashing that AE has recieved since day one in Charlotte. I still think if AE was drafted anywhere else, things would be different. Should have hired Archie as his agent.


    Quick does not suck and has a HUGE upside. He is raw talent and not fully developed because:

    1) starting playing football late

    2) average college coaching at best

    I really don't think DP will get drafted, but may get picked up at some point. Too many unknowns and questions. Again, he may have been out of position in college all along. Hmmmm.

  • CamelCityAppFan

    One of employees is from Chicago and is a huge Bears fan. He listens to Chicago sports-talk radio online daily, and has said that Chicago (at least from a sports talk/fan perspective) wants to get Quick.

    I had my employee e-mail the show he listens to and correct their pronunciation of Appalachian (and he says they did).


    CBS radio- Chicago

    3rd round, No. 16:

    WR Brian Quick, Appalachian State (6-3, 215) – If the Bears don’t take a wide receiver in the first two rounds, I can’t see them pass up on Quick if he’s available here. Quick is a big, strong wide receiver who really impressed scouts at the Senior Bowl and the NFL Combine. The knock on him is that he played FCS football in college and doesn’t have the quick burst to separate at the line of scrimmage. He has speed, but builds it up as he goes down field. For the Bears’ purposes, he would be a great compliment to Brandon Marshall and would give Cutler another reliable big body to throw the ball to.

  • Matt

    Canadian second round if Quick is lucky.


    Quick is easily gone by 3rd round.

  • Festus

    Obviously Mr. Matt is not very well informed.

  • hapapp

    "Again, he may have been out of position in college all along."

    He played 3 positions in college, how many did you want him to play? As a QB he was a finalist for the Payton Award. I guess he should have been playing elsewhere his junior year. I realize in your mind every failing last season can be attributed to the coaching staff. It must be real easy passing judgment on the program from high atop your pedestal.

  • App88

    If Quick comes to Charlotte, I bet I know who could cut his grass.

  • AppInExile

    Looks like USAirways is doing an article on Appalachian football in the May edition of their inflight magazine. Can't wait to pick up a couple of copies on my way down to the Caribbean on May 5th.


    Quick and Trumaine Johnson in 2nd round. :)

  • Keith

    Any chance DP has of playing professionally is at CB (I love his attitude and work ethic, but believe he is too small and doesn't have the experience at the position). Whether he was playing out of position or not depends on perspective. DP was never going to be an NFL QB, but he certainly won us many games and gave us the best chance to win on Saturdays many times.

    I wish him the best. I can't help but think about Mark Legree. If Legree couldn't make a roster in the defensive backfield (safety), I don't know how DP does. However, that is why they have camp and I will certainly be pulling for him to prove everything I just typed wrong.

  • JMcCray

    Grizzzly, I heard McShay mention Johnson as one of the best, if not the best, FCS prospects.

  • JMcCray

    Thursday! Thursday!

  • APPle Jax

    From Columbia's The State newspaper (via the Observer):

  • Predictions on what team Brian Quick lands on?

    I would bet the Bills

  • JMcCray

    I have senn two updated Mocks with two different picks: one in the third to San Diego, and one in the second to the Bengals.

  • CamelCityAppFan

    Bears pick him 18th tonight.

  • JMcCray

    Much rather him go to the Pats or San Diego. Bellichek is pretty infamous for drafting more players than he has space for though.