Superman continues living the dream

He was a standout in high school, an All-American in college, an NFL draft pick, and – now – a grizzled NFL veteran.

Could the life of Corey Lynch get any better?

Yep. Two words – fishing show.

Big time, baby!

This is from Reel Time with Florida Sportman, which is a high-quality, web-only show.

Doesn’t matter. Still got to fish.

8 comments to Superman continues living the dream

  • appstategrad2008

    That's pretty cool right there…

    It's been quite a while since I've been fishing, but I would be hard pressed to throw some of those back!

  • Greg

    LAW. I'm not overly familiar with bleacher report. Are they a valid news source or a glorified catch all message and opinion board?

  • The latter. Its complete speculation by whom i believe to be registered writers. Its a good read for conceptualizing potential outcomes, but i wouldn't rely on any assertions as accurate.

  • Greg

    Based on all of the wild rumors and speculations, it seems to be a favorite haunt of many posters here on appfan. I don't believe any rumors until I see them on an official site.


  • Chard

    I grew up just down the road from Ft. Myers. I fished the Caloosahatchee all the time up near Clewiston. That is a great fishery. I really miss it. Great vid.

  • JonW

    Great little bit at the end of the mailbag column where a writer for SI eats some crow…must have been an App alum sending him that email.

  • Appalachian95

    Corey Lynch Charger Bound, maybe he will get some more playing time than just 8 games in the past 2 seasons, he is better than that in my opinion, not a huge safety but he will hit you for sure, wish him all the best, viewed the fishing show above video I know he will miss that in Florida but the fishing will still be great San Diego!