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Some great timing this weekend


Friday happens to be a very special five-year anniversary for App State fans. … mem-oh-rees … and what better way to mark the occasion than an App State reunion in the NFL.

Two heroes from that epic 2007 season might possibly collide Sunday, when AE and the Panthers visit Corey Lynch and the Chargers.

Lynch has started the last two games on defense. AE has been seeing time among Cam’s receivers. Imagine AE with a catch … 41 between him and endzone and .. and … AND!

Well, for us, Christmas comes early.


Better yet … /begins fantasizing

Cam back to throw. Fires a bullet. And Lynch with an interception! He’s free for a few yards! And here comes Armanti Edwards with the hit! BOOM!


/collapses from exhaustion

Till then, enjoy the Man Who Silenced 100,000 call into a San Diego radio station to talk about his pro season so far. The man loves some Norv Turner … and respectfully corrects his somewhat clueless hosts.

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