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What a weird junior season for AE

App State porn

In limited playing time, the Greatest App Ever turned Carolina Panther put up some odd numbers.

He caught only five passes all season, but his 82-yard reception against the Redskins was the 5th longest recorded in the NFL this year.

He returned only two punts, both Sunday, with the second going 69 yards. That was the 13th longest punt return of the NFL season.

And both big plays set up Panthers TDs. /high five

Of course haters ridiculed the big return because AE got run down by the punter, ignoring that the guy was inadvertently serving as a blocker for No. 15.

Plus, that punter has some fast feet.

Yes, Edwards was pushed out of bounds by punter Thomas Morstead. But when people gather to discuss the speed of punters they usually rank Morstead as one of the five fastest in all of the NFL. And if he’s not in the top five, he’s almost certainly in the top 10. If punters had a 4×100 team, Morstead might run the final segment. I’m serious.

Making excuses? Probably. But how often is a 69-yard return – on a 61-yard punt – scorned?

Haters gonna hate. /shakes head

This will likely be an off season of major transition for the Panthers. A new GM coming in, plus possibly a new coach. The roster could get a revamp.

And, even though he’s had some big moments, 14 could be an odd man out. /sad face

* photo stolen from Charlotte Observer.

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