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The Terror in Township

terrifyingBack in college in Boone, Tim Goodwin was a wrestler.

Today, he’s a MMAer.

And Saturday, he’s looking to give someone hell in a cell cage in Township Auditorium in Columbia, SC.

He goes by the name, the Terror.

I’m from Columbia, SC and growing up I would’ve been the least likely kid to ever become a fighter later in life. I was a nerd now that I look back on it. I wore really thick glasses and I played a lot of videogames and collected comic books. I did martial arts growing up but I was pretty much the least athletic kid ever. I took up wrestling in high school, got decent and it, then decided to wrestled in college. I wrestled at Appalachian State University and I did it because I liked wrestling, not because I was good at it growing up. No one ever explained how hard it would be going from being an average high school wrestler to competing on a Division 1 college team, but I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything in the world.

The life has its ups and downs.

My most memorable moment would be my fight from May 2010. It was my first fight in my hometown and I was the main event. I finished the fight with a huge slam KO in the first round. My next fight was my biggest war. I came out of it with a fractured jaw and a cut that needed like 5 staples, but it was a great learning experience.


Of course, no pain, no dream.

JP: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now in this sport?

TG: UFC champion

Goodwin is on the twitters and facebooks. Show ’em some love.

Or else.

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