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Sun Belt: The day after

lolAwwwwww. *hugs*

No choice but accept invite. ““The reality of it is that we had an opportunity (to move to the FBS) and we either said yes to the opportunity or we put it on the shelf for another 10 years and quit talking about it,” Cobb said.”

Silly details. “ASU’s athletics budget is now about $16 million annually, and projections are that it will increase by $4 to $6 million with the move. The move is estimated to yield about a $1.5 million increase in revenue a year.”

Sun Belt shining. “The conference finished with its most non-conference wins in league history in 2012 and also sent a record four teams to bowl games. The conference also finished the 2012 season with its best ever average computer ranking – finishing ahead of Conference USA and the Mountain West.”

Our future divisional rivals. “That leaves Georgia State, Louisiana-Lafayette, South Alabama, Troy, Western Kentucky, Georgia Southern and Appalachian State to play in the Eastern Conference.”

Unofficial league motto. “There isn’t any reason that there can’t be a Sun Belt member that can achieve the same type of success that Boise State has had.”

Man cave renaissance. “Additionally, the conference’s regional television partnership with Comcast/Charter Sports Southeast (CSS) and Cox Sports Television (CST) enables live telecasts of Sun Belt events to reach millions of households.”

Western Kentucky says it ain’t leaving. But JMU on Sun Belt radar.

About those James Madison rumors. Note the date. Dukes should be poised .. unless they, you know, fumble the opportunity.

Note the jersey number. Omen?

In case anyone was worried. Furman ain’t going anywhere.

Neither is ‘Nooga. “My personal opinion is no, it’s not a good move, but I haven’t been in all the backdoor meetings to learn about how it helps,” Huesman said. “They’ll probably get a Tuesday night or Wednesday night ESPN game, and that’s great exposure for their university.”

Wofford echoes ‘Nooga. “I’m sure they researched it very well. There must be a reason they are heading in that direction. I wish them luck. We’ll see how it all pans out.”

Burn. “Those teams are very, very good,” (The Citadel coach) Higgins said of GSU and App State. “But from a personal standpoint, after beating them both last year, it’s still about Wofford.”

This about sums it up. “So every GSU fan is left with two choices. Throw in the towel and find somebody else to root for, or embrace the change that’s coming.”

And here’s an App State downer. “Of the football-playing schools still in the Sun Belt, only one (Troy) turned a profit in football — $357,114 in 2009, the most recent year examined. Not one of the six schools in the league at the time showed an overall profit in their athletics departments.”

Don’t forget how the new era will start. The Reckoning.

SoCon SoSecretive. “We have been quietly contacted by enough schools to fill a brand-new conference.”

New Mexico State finally has conference it “can compete in.” Backhanded compliment?

Cajun fan not happy with new travel. “Just shoot me now.”

Already missing the playoffs. “On the football side, when you go from FCS to FBS, you start your FBS clock and you start adding scholarships…the NCAA does not allow Georgia Southern or Appalachian State to be eligible for the FCS championship this fall. I don’t necessarily agree with the logic behind it.”

Meanwhile in Greenville. “East Carolina will join the soon-to-be-renamed Big East as an all-sports member, instead of just for football as originally planned.”

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