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Marketing is hard

SoCon just can't decide where it's goingSoCan’t.

In an effort to avoid appearing “vindictive” toward departing members GSU and App, the SoCon botched media day by allowing the Eagles and Mountaineers to be part of the preseason polls. The policy was apparently set by league athletic directors, who pride themselves on “collegiality.” But it was wrong-headed.

Coaches routinely dismiss preseason polls as meaningless, and they are as far as the games go. But they aren’t meaningless in terms of publicity, which is the entire reason they exist.

Great point, actually, at least in terms of SoCon marketing.

Instead of stories focused on Wofford and Chattanooga as SoCon title favorites, most headlines boasted of the Stink and how they – and almost half the league – are sooooo leaving that dump ASAP.

The theme was “this is the end.” not “new sensation.”

Heck, the SoCon has yet to commit to full-time bragging on its soon-to-be members, while the Sun Belt has long been promoting its future (note the teams listed along top of the home pages).

We’d go so far as to suggest it may not even be proper to list Eagles or Mountaineers on the all-SoCon preseason teams. If additional scholarship players are enough of an advantage to asterisk any wins, then why not individual stats?

And marketing is more than outright promotion or demotion. Subtlety has its own power. Consider this. At least one SoCon member is refusing to abide by the “collegiality.”

/hits “print”

/staples to preseason bulletin board

Standing out from the crowd, doing what’s in your interest and not others. That’s marketing.

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