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Amazing story of Omar Carter’s “miracle assist.” “I charged it and shocked Omar once. No pulse. So I did compressions again. Still no pulse. More compressions. And maybe a minute or so after that I got a pulse back. He coughed a couple of times. And maybe a minute and a half after that EMS got there.”

Pretty. “Flew over #KiddBrewerStadium at 5000ft today.”

AE in the QC. “I feel like a receiver.”

Why so much ink on a seldom used Panther? “We write about him because people read about him.”

Miller gettin’ lotta reps. “Running back Steven Miller, an undrafted free agent out of Appalachian State, has been flashing while running with the third team.”

End of the big paydays? “The shift to nine-game conference schedules, along with an increased emphasis on strength of schedule for the coming College Football Playoff, all but guarantee fewer opportunities for the other five conferences (MAC, Sun Belt, Mountain West, American Athletic and Conference USA) in FBS to play the top five.”

More gloom. “The concern I would have for a Georgia Southern, or someone in the Sun Belt or Conference USA (is) the line of demarcation is already pretty big, and it’s about to get much bigger.”

Peacock reflects. “I love game days.”

Obligatory. “21 Reasons Why Appalachian State Is The Best.”

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