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Prepare for the inevitable sticker shock

Got tix?As App State makes its move up, it’s pretty much expected ticket prices are gonna follow suit.

How much? No one knows. But if this glance at Sun Belt ticket prices is any indication, we’d guess around uh-lot.

Cause right now, App State is a bah-gin.

Example, the most expensive season ticket for … /Sean Connery voice … The Rock is $675. That’s the oxymoronic mandatory donation of $500, plus $175 for the ticket.

Most expensive such ticket at the Stink? More than double that. Right at $1,410.


Of course, a school that hasn’t even played a game yet is asking for a lot more than that.

At the other end of the cost spectrum, App State has the most expensive “least expensive” season ticket at $175. Only Georgia State ($144) and La-Fayette ($100) also break three digits in that category.

Of course, grain, salt, etc.

Please keep in mind that this chart may not represent apples to apples comparisons because some of the questions may have been interpreted differently. I followed up with the sports information directors whenever I felt I didn’t clearly understand the answers because I wanted this to be as useful to you as possible.

The chart notes that last year App State sold 10,035 season tickets, second most among Sun Belters (La-Lafayette led with 10,912).

It’s fair to expect a price hike coming next season. So we ask you, at what price would you set a season-ticket at The Rock, mandatory donation included? $2,000?

And don’t forget to include thoughts on impact that new price will have on amount of tickets sold. Unless, of course, expected demand is sufficient to nullify any impact due from higher costs.

/rubs chin thoughtfully

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