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App State logo goes back to the future

Good riddanceAbout 14 years ago App State decided to update its image.

Today it announced that look has been abandoned.

Officially introduced as a novelty, the “old school” Yosef is the new head logo. It shall henceforth be called “Victory Yosef.”

“Yosef Head” is going six feet deep.

And there was much rejoycing.

The old new look was never embraced. It was supposed to be Rushmore-ian, invoking the image of a Yosef sculpted from a broad mountain side. Instead it looked like a fishstick salesman. Or, later, a pirate villain.

It was supposed to be a new look for a new century. No more corncob pipes, stovetop hats or anything remotely considered … /holds nose … mountain.

That new logo also came with a new mascot. He disappeared after just one appearance, a CSI case everyone agreed to leave unexplored, if not celebrated.

Since fishstick was ignored, the supposedly abandoned Block A remained the go-to look. Then, a few years ago, someone had the brilliant idea to bring back the classic. /bygones

Since reintroduced by App State as a novelty, the old school Yosef has slowly been plastered on more and more merchandise. And it seems to sell as fast as it can be produced.

Ya gotta go with the hot, uh, head, so out with the new and in with the old.

Pipe’in ain’t easy. LONG LIVE THE PIPE!

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  1. AppWyo

    November 28, 2013 at 4:12 pm

    Does this mean it will be on the Football Helmet? I would much prefer the Mountaineer Mania Yosef.

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