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The ups and downs of recruiting

Yesterday, a talented young man from Mississippi made a splash on the twitters.


And there was some rejoicing.

Until today.


Well okay then.

We feel for the young man. This isn’t an easy decision, and it has consequences (see Graham, Devonte).

It’s made even more difficult by the (in our minds) weirdly blaring spotlight put on this decision making process. Example – Somehow, someway, some people keep track of something called conference recruiting rankings, announcing leaders per lap in a long race of program marketing.

Completely subjective, of course. And not really relevant to success. (See also Richardson, Kevin).

We once saw headlines that App State had the top recruiting class in the Sun Belt … in December(!). Now this week we see a note that App State has suddenly “risen to second place” in those same rankings.

Well okay then.

The official signing day is February 5. We look forward to meeting the next class of Mountaineers when it’s officially introduced. And marveling at the rush to grade it to death before a down is played or a practice commenced.

Until then, no pressure.

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