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Meet Coach Fox

We're kinda excitedIntroductory press conference today at 9:30. Here are a few contract details.

Fox’s contract is for five years, with a base salary starting at $200,000 for the 2014-15 contract year and increasing $10,000 each year.

He can earn supplemental bonuses for achieving goals for academicprogress rate and team grade-point average, conference titles, NCAA tournament berths and advancement, NIT berths and conference coach of the year awards.

The contract includes a salary pool of $200,000 for three assistant-coaching positions and funding for a director of basketball operations at $50,000 a year.

We’re curious of his recruiting style. Davidson is a private school, so obviously the recruiting targets would differ from that of a public university. The D-Cats have traditionally sported names from overseas (current roster has players from Scotland, Greece and Sweden) and some from up north (Ohio, Pennsylvania and Illinois).

That appears to be the roadmap Fox best knows. How will it translate to App State? From his web bio

Fox’s basketball background coupled with old-fashioned hard work has helped him cultivate recruiting contacts from all over the country. He is superb at recognizing talent while at the same time targeting players that can do the rigorous schoolwork required of Davidson student-athletes. McKillop has given him opportunities to participate in all facets of Davidson’s program: recruiting, scheduling, scouting, game preparation and on-court teaching.

Second question is mentioned there – scheduling. The D-Cats always have a tremendous schedule. App State? Uh, not so much. That will have to change with the move to the Sun Belt (begone, DIIs!) and a need to instill some interest in the program.

There’s no doubt App State is in need of an extreme makeover. The program is at a 20-year low. We wish Coach Fox the best of luck in turning it around.

ROUNDUP. From the press conference.

AD Cobb said 10 candidates were interviewed for the job, some twice. The number one priority sought in a new coach was someone dedicated to building a winning program. Cobb was sold on Fox due to his energy and enthusiasm.

Fox repeatedly used the metaphor “army” when describing what he wanted to build at App State. He will be active in marketing the program, and come September “wants to be the mayor of Boone.” With regard to the team, “We’re building right now for end of February, start of March .. I want our guys to expect to win.”

Fox wants a schedule that will build player confidence and prepare them for the conference tournament. Asked about Davidson being on a future schedule, “I don’t see us playing them anytime soon.”

With regard to recruiting, Fox says he believes the Appalachian name will resonate nationally, including in Minnesota. He wants players who will say yes when asked, “Do you want to go pro?” He also wants assistants with goals of becoming head coaches.

He said the style of play at Davidson was to always, uh, “attack.” He wants to install an attacking style at App State, but will tweek that style depending on the personnel.


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