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Let’s just all relive 2007, shall we




Outstanding package.

Some other remembrances are making the rounds. This one, simply called The Horror, is all kinds of wonderful.

Bill Simmons called it a “drive-by shooting.” Bill Simmons may be wrong about many things many times, and shootings are way worse and involve actual death, but honestly, this is what that felt like. Had this happened to any other team, I’d be watching the blocked kick every ten minutes while cackling to myself maniacally. But it didn’t. It happened to my team. It sucked.

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  1. tklinville

    August 28, 2014 at 11:41 pm

    I don’t see us winning this game, we sure do not have the same team as we had in 2007 but neither do they, so we will see on Saturday who shows up, last season very disappointed that we finally showed up and started playing together the 6 game into the season, as a former athlete and football player I know how difficult it is to repeat the same “feat” twice, I am hoping for the best on Saturday and the rest of the season!

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