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Lynch: I wish I hadn’t blocked that kick

heroJust …. wow.

Corey Lynch, the man who secured the All-Time Upset, was on the Unpackin’ It radio show today with Bryce Johnson. He was asked by Bryce to discuss the best part about beating Michigan (“The cherry on top of my career”) and was there any downside to it at all.

Superman then just …. wow

LYNCH: The worst thing that came about it? You know I kinda wish I could go back in time and not block that field goal, um ..

BRYCE: Wha …..

LYNCH: and just let them score. I think that that field goal led to coach Moore’s firing. You know Appalachian State just got a little too big for their britches and, uh, ended up deleting the orchestrator of it all in Coach Moore, and he’s not coaching right now.

In an oral history posted at today, Lynch went even harsher.

ASU’s Corey Lynch: The sad part to me is I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to Appalachian State. I’m embarrassed to go back there because they fired Coach Moore after all that happened.

Just …. wow.

One of the attractions of college football is the belief that every team, all the athletes and coaches, and all the fans are just one big episode of Full House. No grudges. No rivalries. No bullies. No egos. Promises always kept. Hugs all around at the end of the day. That’s fantasy, and most everyone should know it, but few want to admit it. To suggest so makes you a hater or “not a real fan” or something.

Lynch has always seemed to be one to speak his mind. He doesn’t shy away from expressing his perspective. It’s what made him a leader.

But dude, come on, the timing …..



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