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Predictions – The known unknowns


As we’ve oft repeated, in recent years App State has owned Georgia Southern.

There have been a lot of close games, sure. Six of the last eight were decided by a TD or less; two went to OT. But it’s App State who keeps coming out on top. Against GS it’s won three straight, five of the last six, seven of the last nine, and eight of the last 11.

The programs generally know each other, and know what the other wants to do. But maybe not so much this year. Maybe this year it’s gonna be a little different.

The Stink still runs its vaunted triple option, a recipe App State defensive coordinator Nate Woody knows all too well. So much so his Mountaineer D pretty much shut it down last season in a big 38-14 victory.

But this year the Eagles have some spice. New head coach Willie Fritz has uh-lot of offensive variety, both in a shotgun formation and a QB who can throw a bomb at any time. Third down. First down. Any down. It’s an unpredictable predictable offense. You know what it’s gonna do, just not when.

App State poses much the same challenge, but with a different twist – you know what its offense should be able to do, but wonder if it can do it. For a season and a half it’s mowed a lot of yardage, but somehow just can’t hit the end zone consistently.

The O is now being led by a new QB who’s shown promise. He has a good arm, a deep corps of receivers, and some mobility. Throw in a proven weapon at running back and there are reasons aplenty to believe consistency is not a matter of if, but when.

Eagle QB Kevin Ellison is proven. App QB Taylor Lamb is promising. Which one will be contained?

In the rivalry’s past four games the victor averaged 28.5 points, never scoring less than 20. The loser managed just 18.3 points, breaking 17 just once.

It all comes down to the D.

Straight up pick – Which team records the most yards of offense?

Over/under – Points by App State: 19.

Beat Stink.

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