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Preview: App State vs UL Lafayette

appstate vs ull

Raise your hand if you’re bored.

/Raises hand/

Oh. Once again, it’s probably just me.

C’mon, fellow AppFans. If that absolute snoozer of a “contest” at Idaho didn’t put a #FunBelt fan to sleep, the bye week probably did.

Gonna be honest, friends: Your blogger was skeptical about the move to FB$. Has it been fun watching App lose only one conference game in the last calendar year? Sure. Go. Fight. Kick Ass.

But, good lawd, is the bottom third half of the Sun Belt is a giant, flaming dirty diaper? No, it’s an reeking inferno of a 12-gallon trash can full of freshly loaded diapers.

/Slips on “AAC Or Bust” t-shirt/

Playoff positioning and chasing national titles was fun, every down meant something. Now? Not so much. But let’s not go there again. That’s a debate that will rage for years among App Nation.

Another cause for this bout of low-level CFB boredom: Just what are the differences in these four Sun Belt bowls? They’re not really even worth listing, frankly.

But, man oh man, that Cure Bowl payout would be sweet lucrative. Otherwise, same bowls. Different cities.

So, here’s the root of this boredom: Win the conference and you get your pick of the four Sun Belt tie-ins — well, the ones that will have you and your drunken loyal fan base. Finish second, third or fourth, and…your only hope is the champ turns down that $1.3 million Cure Bowl payday.

Since the Mountaineers stumbled in the second half against Arkansas State (so much #HelmetSwag, btw!), they Mountaineers could be headed to one of those three other bowls with about the same payout and the exact level of national prestige disrepute.


/Opts out of the pointless-but-true Charlie Cobb blame jab/

Oh yeah, there’s a game Saturday. App State hosting UL-Lafayette.

Oh, look, a 2 p.m. start. Great. That’s an awkward time for AppFans trying to get their drunk cornhole tournament on after a few days cooped up enjoying every second with family.

The Ragin’ Cajuns, eh? Nice, huh, nickname.

/Rolls eyes/

So, yeah, UL-Lafayette can pitch-and-catch. They can also run it. Balanced, blah blah blah. The Cajuns QBs have thrown almost as many picks as TDs (11 and 12), so the App State secondary should feel a little (ball) hawkish.

RB Elijah McGuire is a TD machine, with 12 trips to paydirt this season. We’ve seen A-State and Troy have success recently throwing and running against the once-vaunted Black & Gold (Yellow) defense.

Remember that Troy triple-OT thriller? Your blogger expects another #FunBelt shootout on Black Saturday at The Rock.

Should the Mountaineers win by two scores? Probably. But given the defense’s trend, why would anyone expect that?! Maybe a 44-41 shootout that would make the Big 12 jealous will end this Sun Belt-induced boredom.

Give. Em. Hell. Or Something. Cure Bowl or bust!

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