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Steady and Stoic Might Win This Race


Photo by Chad Mitchell Photography & Design

Raise your hand if you had Troy atop the Sun Belt standings in mid-October.

/thought so/

Keep ‘em high if you had what we were told would be a “rebuilding” Arkansas State — /oh, hey, “Howl,” good boy!/ at 2-1 in #FunBelt action and very much in the title picture.

And here’s the real test: Who thought the (2-0, 4-2) Mountaineers hosting the, um, 2-1 #FunBelt (4-3 overall) Idaho Vandals on October 22 would have major — major! — Sun Belt Conference title implications?


(More on Idaho — oh, Hells no, You Da Ho! — later this week…)

Your blogger won’t ask if anyone had Georgia Southern #TheStink at 2-1 and 3-3 overall with its more pass-heavy Triple Gimmick offense in 5th and, for now, on the outside of the championship picture looking in. I didn’t. You didn’t. Eagle Nation didn’t, either, to its chagrin and our…chuckles.

But they are! Fail. Damn. Southern.

/high fives Yosef, and passes him a(nother) beer/

In the Sun Belt cellar are the Mississippi State- and San Diego State-killing South Alabama Jags, joined by what the experts saw as the title-contending Georgia State Panthers Fightin’ Charlie Cobbs and UL-Lafayette Ragin’ Cajuns, who can’t draw enough fans to white out all the drab bleachers in its “stadium.”

(You’d need thousands of gallons of White Out for that….)

The experts had those teams much higher than they are on October 17.

But one squad is positioned just off the lead as the #FunBelt race heads for the third turn. Atop the stallion with the Black and Yellow Mustard Nike (™) Gold silks is the game manager dreamboat QB Taylor Lamb. Let’s call the App State thoroughbred Ol’ Steady for his dominant ability to hold foes at bay — and pummel them when it’s time to churn up the turf.

These Mountaineers aren’t flashy. They appear to have no huge personalities. Your blogger isn’t expecting a new…trendy fist pump (that other teams can mock us with) to emerge. A Taylor Lamb interview is more likely to cause one’s eyes to glaze over than get an #AppFan fired up for #FunBelt action.

But there’s something to be said for stoic. Slow and steady, it just might be the proper mix during a wacky conference season.

In 2008, one could argue the Mountaineers got too down after Armanti Edwards (#GOAT) got banged up. A year later, App got too high after advancing to the Final Four.

So let’s all embrace this, as one former NFL head football coach play caller QB coach once said, “stay medium” approach.

That’s precisely what it might take to survive an unpredictable #FunBelt schedule and prove this right by capturing the conference title.

This team’s mindset appears carefully calibrated to this conference. Just like the running game. And just like a defense that’ struggled in non-conference games but has surrendered just 3 points in 8 quarters of #FunBelt action. Just, one might suspect, how Coach Satterfield Visor planned it.
–Appstradamus (On Twitter: @APPstradamus)

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