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Preview: What’s on the line vs ULM?


In the Sun Belt #FunBelt, nothing is as it seems.

App State looks like the unflashy, but solid, frontrunner. Early struggles, then mid-season domination, with a big win over #Stink and no Arkansas State on the schedule, made it seem the Mountaineers had a clear path to the Sun Belt crown. WRONG.

Troy rallies past App State after controlling most of a true thriller down in Dixie. The Trojans appear the class of the conference. WRONG.

Arkansas State struggles out of the gate, and the Red Wolves look headed for the conference cellar, opening the door for one of four other squads. WRONG.

Troy looked so solid against the Mountaineers, like something for the rest of the conference to envy and emulate. Like something other than a #FunBelt squad — bigger, faster, stronger, etc. No way a four-loss A-State squad could go to a packed half-empty and raucous morgue-like “Vet” down in Alabama and get the Dub, right? WRONG.

A-State is still the class of the conference? RIGHT.

With the Red Wolves big win over crushing of the Trojans on national teevee ESPN-U, everything old suddenly is new again. Or, put another way, nothing has changed, folks.

The win puts the Dogs in full control, at 6-0 in conference play. But…

…it also opens the door, should A-State stumble, the chance for App to share the Sun Belt trophy — get that saw ready — with Arkansas State and Troy.

And that ain’t nothin’, folks. It might not have much of an effect on App’s bowl berth, but it beats what would be a disappointing third-place finish in a season where the’ Neers were the preseason favorites.

That makes Saturday’s 3:30 p.m. matchup…what’s that? Oh. Really?! Super. That makes Saturday’s super-convenient and not-weird-at-all 2:30 p.m. tilt with Louisiana Monroe meaningful. Or at least more so than before the Wolves layeth’ed the smacketh down on that Trojan ass…

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