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Week 2: All. Gold. Everything.


FBS Appalachian State will welcome a Division II opponent into The Rock for its 2017 home opener on Saturday afternoon.

Wait, what?

Okay, not exactly.

The entire Tigers athletic department is headed down a level, but not until 2019.

But, c’mon, looking for a catchy intro for this kind of FBS-FCS matchup isn’t exactly easy. The storylines and intrigue are many captivating non-existent. So, you’re welcome. Your blogger got your attention. You can all thank me later.

(You CAN. But your blogger knows you WON’T. Onward…)

What is there to say about SSU’s 2017 squad as they head up the Mountain for a 3:30 p.m. clash? Nothing. This is the Tigers’ season opener, and one of the few things that gives this App Man pause is this: It’s basically Savannah State’s Super Bowl as App State is SSU’s lone FBS foe all season. Expect the Tigers’ best punch, especially early – whatever that is. (So don’t let them hang around…)

SSU managed just 3 wins last season, and were pummeled – while failing to score a single point either time – by two FBS opponents last season, one very familiar to App Fans and another the Mountaineers should have defeated a few years back: Georgia Southern and Southern Miss. #Stink won 54-0. And the Golden Eagles – in their sweet unis that never disappoint, no matter which combo they choose – cruised to a 56-0 win drubbing.


Coach Visor, whatcha got?

“I expect them to be a better football team this year coming off of last year. The bad thing about it is they haven’t played this year, so we don’t have anything film-wise from this season, so it’s going to be hard to know what they’re going to have out there.”


Alright. Well, then. That quote didn’t exactly jack up the excitement level inside AppFan’s Mid-Atlantic Bureau, but the schedule is the schedule.

(BTW – Who else caught Satterfield rocking the reading glasses in Athens? Father Time catches up with everyone – even dreamy I-AA QBs-turned-MidMajor head football coaches. Sigh…)

Yeah, yeah, reading glasses. I know. Your blogger just isn’t that interested in the Tigers’ 2016 statistics, nor – some rather thin – local newspaper preview pieces. We read a few so you don’t have to: Second-year head coach Erik Raeburn is building something; last year was better but not great. A 3-2 start in the MEAC was cool; ending 3-7 overall was not. Raeburn hopes for more wins. Likes some of his players…


…Your blogger’s awake. What’s that? A GOLD OUT at The Rock?!

That’s right (NSFW): All. Gold. Everything.

Ahhhhhh, yeah! We can get excited about that, right?

*SIREN* – AppFan News Alert: Breaking developments in Boone, folks: The Mountaineers’ All. Gold. Everything. helmets will feature a…wait for it…black stripe!

What a huge moment for this team, this program and its fans.

Oh yeah, and the new video board will make its much-anticipated debut. What a Saturday at 3,333 feet!

Okay, let’s get serious as we mercifully bring this #FunBelt vs. D-II preview to an end. This is both the mother of all get-well games and the mother of all trap games. We’re betting BIG on the former.  Give. Em. Hell.

What To Watch:

  • On the Offensive – The Apps need to, bluntly, deliver an old-school Boone beatdown on the Tigers. Dreamboat QB Taylor Lamb needs to start developing some kind of in-game rapport with his WRs. If primary targets Shaedon Meadors and Darrynton Evans are back, that should help. And how about getting the TEs involved, which has long been a key to the Satterfield passing scheme.

  • Getting Defensive – Rough one last week between the hedges. Shake it off, boys. There is live – and much weaker – meat coming up the Mountain. Attack. Attack. Attack. Swarm. Swarm. Swarm. Get back to form. The App secondary needs to show it has cleaned things up after a number of blown assignments against the Dawgs. Turn the Tigers over early – and often. Watch for App’s adjustment – and there has to be one after Week 1, right? Right?! – if SSU tries to speed things up, ala Georgia. Your blogger is calling the D out: Georgia Southern and Southern Miss shutout this downwardly-aspiring squad – can you?


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