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Week 8: Send a Message


Take one sleepwalking Sun Belt title contender. Add a team that played in the FCS Big South a season ago and already has lost to Georgia State, recently-reborn UAB and I-AA Western Illinois.

That, folks, is a recipe for a trouble if you’re an often-disinterested #FunBelt power. Big trouble. Or, it could be the recipe for the home squad to show up for a foe not named Wake Forest and send a message to the rest of the conference as the title race heats up.

The (alleged) title contender is App State, back atop “da Belt” – can we make that a thing, puh-leeze?! – despite several close conference wins. And the other is Coastal Carolina, which is finding that Big Boy Football is, well, not exactly the Big South.

Here come the Chanticleers, losers of five straight and – for now – roomies with #TheStink and Texas State in FBS football’s most putrid and depressing locale: the Sun Belt cellar.

/Covers nose. Damn, is it rancid down there. Like dirty diapers and rotting trash. And, hmm, is that the corpse of a once-mighty Eagle?!/

Make no mistake, Coastal is bad. Really. Bad.

In its five defeats, CCU has surrendered 52 points once and 51 twice. The ‘Cleers haven’t given up fewer than 27 points all season, in fact.

/Licks chops/

(For those, like your blogger wondering just WTF is a Chanticleer, here is a snippet from a lengthy explanation, via the CCU Athletics website:”The Chanticleer is a proud and fierce rooster who dominates the barnyard.”)


…This teal – why is teal, one of the 1990s biggest missteps, still a thing? – bird ain’t gonna dominate a certain barnyard at 3,333 feet – unless they’re allowed to hang around, that is. Unless the Mountaineers again come out and start slow [insert synonym for slow that is slower than the slowest slow here]. Unless the offensive line can’t open running lanes. Unless both fronts get out-physicaled – again.

As awesome panic-causing as the Mountaineers’ thrilling second-half comeback win last Saturday over Idaho was, the first half was equally troubling/baffling/revealing/we could go on…

…Look, your blogger could wow bore you with a bunch of numbers and statistics and trends he noticed through sober not-so-sober eyes last Saturday evening, but this one comes down to whether the 2017 Mountaineers are okay taking a step backward, or whether they’d prefer showing us all – and their coming foes – that they truly are Sun Belt title contenders.

We expect either an old-school Mountaineer beatdown at The Rock or another improbable nail-biter against a team with inferior talent. This squad’s history suggests the latter, much as this Black & Gold Yellow heart is desperate for the former.

Prediction Time: Mountaineers answer your blogger’s challenge with a fast start (for once). Lamb has a big day, Moore looks better, defense dominates. App State 42, Coastal 13. Give ‘Em Hell.


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  2. carbine762

    October 21, 2017 at 7:12 pm

    Can'tacleers couldn't do it. Though they damn near did.

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