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Week 9: Greed is Good


Raise your hand if, before the season started, you had mighty Sun Belt power App State at MAC outcast UMass as a pick ‘em.

/Scans room skeptically/

Put your hand down, wiseass. You didn’t. We bet Coach Satterfield didn’t, nor did AD Doug Gillin when he signed the contract. And neither did your blogger, who wrote weeks ago that the tilt against the Minutemen was part of a less-than-thrilling 2017 schedule that has proven anything but – and this amatuer CFB analyst so wrong he might be qualified for a job on a cable sports network. (#SickBurn)

It is an absolutely fair question to do a little research on UMass and come away with this head-scratcher: How the (bleep) are these guys 1-6? Your blogger has watched some Minutemen football this season and these guys can at least hang around with most Group of Five teams.

/Tips Yosef trucker cap to UMass for beating dismantling the hated Georgia Southern Eagles #Stink last week/

The Minutemen have been in each and every one of their six losses, and were in those games late. They’ve dropped those games by an average of a TD.

And look at all those points: 35, 28, and 50 in three of its Ls. And 58 last week in its lone win against those hapless, coach-firing, completely lost-in-the-wilderness Eagles from Statesboro. They throw it 37 times per outing, and rack up 311 yards per in the air.


No problem, right? You diehard Black and Gold Yellow loyalists will blast this blogger for raising the notion that the Mountaineers are one (more) slow start in New England away from doing what was unthinkable just nine weeks ago: Losing to one of the FB$ division’s most adrift programs, UMass.

Your blogger isn’t exactly suggesting that. Not quite.

But this one has the looks of a shootout that might make App’s win over New Mexico State look like a ho-hum affair.

Vegas, at the time of this writing, had set the total points at 55. Um, we’ll take the over, please.


Expect both teams to put it in the air early and often. Expect the Mountaineers’ 37th-best in all the land defense to be tested mightily. We know who both teams are at this point, and we know Dreamboat senior QB Taylor Lamb is the engine that makes the ASU offense go these days.

App will score, of that we’re confident. But the ‘Neers will have to find ways to keep UMass out of the end zone. And that’s where the greed of the Mountaineers’ D comes in.

This game likely will hinge on the turnover battle. UMass possibly hasn’t seen a defense as top-to-bottom as solid as App’s, so while one can expect the Minutemen to move the ball and get some points, the margin for error is very thin.

App has a +5 turnover margin for the season, in the top 30 in all of FB$. UMass on the other hand: -3, with nine giveaways so far in 2017.

/Do we hear something excitedly Quacking?/

In short, “greed is good” is the phrase that will pay Saturday afternoon for the Apps. Want the ball, find the ball, take the ball.

To review: Air raid warning is in effect, no matter which offense is on the field. UMass is an astonishing 1-6, better than the record indicates. Lamb anyone? Get turnovers.

Prediction Time: With perhaps 60 combined pass attempts, this thing could go on for four-plus hours, so make a snack booze run now because that’s a loooooong time to listen to ESPN3 Eleven Sports Network (whotf?) announcers, folks. The 55 o/u will be shattered, and it’ll classify as a shootout, but we’re betting the App D won’t let a squad that got excommunicated from the MAC put up 40. Lamb and his WRs have a monster day in the last game at McGuirk Alumni Stadium. Your blogger won’t rule out that the senior QB won’t flirt – flirt – with the 500-yard passing mark. For UMass, another wild and spirited effort, but the turnovers will be too much. App State 40, UMass 28. Give. ‘Em. Hell.


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  2. carbine762

    November 2, 2017 at 3:50 pm

    I suppose it's just as well this one WASN'T televised in my area. This year's team, especially the offense, just isn't as good as last year's or the one before. Strange that it would be so. There is still time to get it on track, but we certainly don't look like a team that deserves a bowl.

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