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Week 10: #RealTalk


#RealTalk, fam.

The Appalachian State Mountaineers aren’t that good this season.

Your blogger’s gut told him UMass was a problem, that the sleepwalking ‘Neers would stumble in Amherst. The Minutemen – congrats on clinching the Sun Belt East Division, btw – might be the best 2-6 Group of Five mid-major team in the country. Ever.

Keep in mind these Apps lost to the UMass backup QB Ross Comis after starter Andrew Ford was stretchered out following a massive (illegal) hit on an interception return by App DL Myquon Stout.

One has to wonder how many #FunBelt teams over the years have lost not one, but two, games to backup QBs after cheap-shot hits by the same player?!


Sun Belt QBs beware: If you’re three or four yards out of bounds – as was Georgia’s then-QB1 Jacob Eason in Week 1 – or defenseless like Ford, chances are you’re going to see the training staff very soon if Stout is nearby.

Fifteen yard penalty? We guess it doesn’t matter.

Ejection for targeting? But it’s a big hit, so let’s do this, right?

Your blogger digresses…

…The offensive line is young, not very physical, and often misses assignments. Growing pains? Sure.

Damn shame, however, wasting a record-setting senior QB’s final season with what should have been an easy path to an outright #FunBelt title while the kids learn the ropes.

But, hey, constructing the roster is on the head football coach and his staff. And heaven forbid if one questions the Man Beneath The Visor ‘round these parts. Also on the coach: getting his team ready to play. But, hey, don’t question Satterfield, right? After all, he’s HOMEGROWN! He’s part of the #AppalachianFamily. And, let’s face it, those who never wore a Mountaineer uniform couldn’t possibly know how to coach football or assemble a roster or make sure his team wouldn’t come out flat every week, right? #sarcasm

Got it.

The passing game was awful. The running game was worse. The defense, frankly, got what it deserved for Stout’s unnecessary roughness hit (read: cheap shot) on Ford.

As for this week, this blogger has nothing to say.

App State should win. App State has given us no reason to believe it will.

One could write 400 words about the stats and 200 about UL-Monroe’s trends. Throw in 75 more in a graph with the pro-App prediction you all want. Yeah, that’d certainly fulfill the formula.

Your blogger wanted to pick UMass a week ago, and knew the Mountaineers were in big trouble up north. But he was probably too weary of hurting the brand by being dubbed “anti-App” or “negative,” so he went with the ‘Neers. Never again. Frankly, these Mountaineers bore this blogger. No more being frustrated. Probably going to do something actually useful come 3:30 p.m. on Saturday. Maybe read a book, go for a jog, hit a museum, or give the cat a bath. Their act has worn thin with this Black and Yellow diehard. That’s not easy to write. Neither is what’s coming next. Didn’t go with the gut last week. We’ll go with the gut here: Warhawks 24, Mountaineers 19. Give ‘Em Hell. (Or Something.)


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  2. carbine762

    November 4, 2017 at 12:59 pm

    We've been spoiled by early, sustained success, and we forget just how hard it is to win a football game at this level. I don't know what's really wrong with this squad; it may be that because of who we are we get everyone's absolute best effort, while we have to fight the tendency to slack off because of who THEY are. God knows we played hard all game against Georgia and Wake. I hope we can get it together today, as that outright conference title is still very much on the table.

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