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Week 14: Championship Saturday



Survived Dominated and advanced. Onto…wait for it…Championship Saturday at The Rock.

/chills…all the chills/

Just put that #FunBelt trophy over there, boys, in the room with the two heavily armed guards. Well, half of it. Let’s keep it out of sight, so not to jinx anything…

And after one of the weirdest, most up-and-down, confusing and confounding App State football seasons this blogger can recall, half of the championship hardware would be worthy of erecting a shrine to house it for all comers to Boone to see, or, well, bask in its amazingness.

As POTUS might put it, even sharing the Sun Belt championship at the end of a season that included a bad – really bad – loss to UMass would be a “big, beautiful Christmas present.”

Can’t ask for much more, folks: Not just a meaningful game in December at Kidd Brewer Stadium, but a conference title game. Is it Saturday yet?!

/Where’s that paper bag from seasons past?! I might need that just to get to kickoff…/

Your blogger admits to early frustration as the Mountaineers were methodically wearing down Georgia State last Saturday. The failed inside run attempts at the goal line were, at the time, troubling infuriating.

We plead guilty to forgetting to Trust The Visor. (But after this wacky season, who could seriously blame us?!)

/BTW, nice specs, Coach…/

App State’s OL and returned-to-form RB Jalin Moore (#Franchise) just kept pounding away at the G-State front seven, and it wasn’t long before those failed inside runs became cutback lanes and gaping holes aplenty. Moore and the #BandOfBrothers – is that still a thing? – amassed 239 yards on 32 carries, with four other Mountaineer backs racking up 84 yards.


Now that, folks, is Mountaineer Football (™).

So those Ragin’ Cajuns, who need a W Saturday to become bowl eligible, from Louisiana-Lafayette must not be concerned at all given their stout run defe…

…Yeah, the Cajuns must be (bleep)-ing themselves. There’s no other way to put it.

/Reminds self to not get too confident. Glances at UMass score. Returns to 2017, the wackiest of all years and football seasons/

Still…on paper – we know games, especially ones in which so much is at stake, are played on grass FieldTurf – this one looks good for the Good Guys.

App State’s offense is ranked 44th (of 129) in All The Land, and that Cajuns defense is…rather putrid. Louisiana, which is their given name these days, has given up 45 or more points seven times and 34 points in another outing. Those seven games included foes putting up 66 and 56, and the Ragin’ Ones have given up 48 and 34 in two of their wins.

That’s a lot of points. Like, a sh*tton of points, even in what has been called the “Little Big 12.”

Moore and that Mountaineer running game is back, we’re ready to declare. And that is Big Trouble for UL-L, which has the 118th-worst rushing D in the country. To the tune of 185 yards surrendered on turf per game and 26 total TDs on ground.

/Licks chops/

The numbers are brutal for the visitors against what has been a sluggish-but-potent App offense. Louisiana gives up 37.9 points per game and over 480 yards per outing.

Message to our beloved-but-too-often-sleepwalking-Mountaineers: Don’t (bleep) this up, boys.

With a relatively clean game and the D getting off the field on 3rd down – at least, just enough – that new video board should get quite the workout on Saturday. That said…Coach Visor has a way of surprising us, especially early in games. The Cajuns also give up 215 yards per up top, so we won’t put it past Satterfield to come out throwing – it will be Senior Day for Dreamboat QB Taylor Lamb…

…Bottom line: Half of that #FunBelt hardware is very much within reach. We’re excited. You’re excited. And we hope the Mountaineers are excited – and come out intent on drawing blood, smelling it in the water, and going in for the kill. We haven’t seen that instinct that often from the 2017 ‘Neers.

But a conference title game would be the perfect time to find it.

A packed house at The Rock will help. A loud and lubricated (responsibly, of course) home crowd would help, too. We know it’s Christmastime and all, and we’ve had this conversation before, but other things can wait.

It’s Championship Saturday on the mountain. Get there. Get Loose. Get Loud. AD Doug Gillin answered our call for those sweet All Black Everything unis for this one. Let’s answer his with a Big, Loud Crowd.

Prediction Time: Lamb softens up that Cajun D, then Moore, Marcus Williams Jr., the App OL, and their jet-sweeping friends wear ‘em down. Closer than we’d like early, then App State pulls away, with the help of a Tae Hayes INT to the House. It’s been a long ride, folks, but it’s gonna happen: App State 36, Cajuns 17. Give ‘Em. Hell.


(Fewer in-game tweets for this one from your blogger. We’ll be in da damn house, live at The Rock. So #cised.)

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